Blue Door Language School (Cordoba) to Recruit at Spainwise 2018

Blue Door Language School in Cordoba was among the first employers to confirm that they will be returning to the Spainwise SOUTH TEFL Jobs Fair this year. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet teachers from so many different backgrounds” says Head Teacher, Gabby Hewitt. “Year after year we’ve found that the best teachers look past the […]

FECEI to Sponsor Spainwise TEFL Jobs Fair 2018

FECEI, the National Federation of Private Language Schools in Spain, has confirmed that it will be sponsoring the Spainwise SOUTH 2018 TEFL Jobs Fair. “Spainwise is a showcase for the top language schools in Spain and brings reputable employers and in a unique event” a spokesperson for FECEI declared. “It’s a pleasure for FECEI to support this […]

ACEIA to Sponsor Spainwise SOUTH once again!

Once again, ACEIA, the Association of Private Language School in Andalucía, will be one of the main sponsors of this year’s Spainwise TEFL Jobs Fair in Córdoba.