Reading More Than Ever

They said that telecommunications would be the death of reading but reading is back and it’s back to stay. Sadly, so are the problems associated with this critical 21st-century skill, so more than ever we need to know what is reading about, and how to help learners to do it more effectively

Find out …

  • Reading is a key 21st century skill
  • Reading involves the
    combination of word and text level skills
  • Poor word levels skills
    are often the result of poor pronunciation
  • Activating background knowledge
    is critical to success in reading
  • Skimming is a vital sub-skill of reading
  • Poor vocabulary skills seriously affect reading efficiency


Robin Walker

Robin has worked in ELT since 1981. For over 20 years he taught at
the Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Asturias but now works as a freelance
teacher educator, ELT author and materials writer. He regularly collaborates
with Trinity College London, Oxford University Press, and MacMillan Education,
and is the author of numerous articles on teaching English, and a handbook on
teaching pronunciation

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