I’ll Have a ‘P’ Please, Bob

In this talk we will look at the benefits of encouraging friendly competition in the classroom and also see a variety of activities based on gameshows. You should expect a fast-paced, high energy workshop where we will assess the effectiveness of games by playing them.

Find out …

  • Friendly competition in the classroom
  • Classroom activities based on gameshows
  • Effectiveness of games
  • Practical examples


Tez Pearson

Tez Pearson has been working as an EFL teacher for almost 10 years after studying a degree in Linguistics at the University of Manchester. He joined the teaching team at ELI Sevilla in 2012 and, has since been involved in teacher training and conference organisation. He is particularly interested in grammatical theory, pronunciation and motivating teenagers.

Sponsored by …

English Language Institute (ELI)

English Language Institute was founded in 1980 and now has 14 centres in Seville and the surrounding area, plus schools in Granada and Malaga. Come and visit us at stands 8, 10 and 12.

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