What Am I Getting Into?????!!!!

If you’re new to Spain, you may have no idea on what to expect from your Spanish students. We’ll fill you in on the national education system and how languages are taught in here. You’ll also learn what to expect from your Spanish students and we will discuss what they’ll need from you and what you will be preparing them for.

Find out …

  • Spain’s education system
  • The importance of official exams
  • How students are taught English at school
  • The difference between how schools and academies teach
  • The role an academy plays in language learning
  • The new realities in English language learning in Spain


Maja Glock

Maja Glock is Head of Studies and a teacher trainer at The English Business and she enjoys helping teachers improve in the classroom and challenge their students.  She has been a teacher for over 12 years and is passionate about teaching, education and languages.  Having studied social work, Maja strongly believes that understanding and knowing your students and being sensitive to their cultural and linguistic background will maximize your students’ learning.

Sponsored by …

The English Business

The English Business has been offering language classes for more than twenty years in Seville and Espartinas. We provide classes to students of all ages but our main focus and passion is to make the acquisition of English as natural and spontaneous as possible for young learners. We believe that English should and can be acquired at the earliest age possible hence our work in several nurseries and kindergartens teaching English to babies. The vast majority of our very young learners continue with us for many years, through adolescence and adulthood working toward passing official exams. A teacher working with The English Business should have the skills to teach a wide variety of ages and levels.

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