Teens Management

This session is aimed at newer teachers but may also be useful for those who have difficulty with teens.

Find out …

  • What to expect from teen classes in Spain
  • Classroom management issues (problem sharing)
  • Causes for problems
  • Ideas for systems in class
  • Encouraging respect and establishing expectations
  • Recipe for a successful teens class


Fari Greenaway

Fari Greenaway is the Head of Studies in Academia Britanica Sierra. She has been teaching English for around 12 years. Prior to EFL she worked as a tutor in a pupil referral unit and as a tutor for adults with learning difficulties and disabilities. She has been published in journals and text books.

Sponsored by …

Academia Britanica

Academia Britanica Cordoba was the first IH school in the world. It is now a language school for Spanish, German and French as well as English. The Sierra branch opened in 2010 and has expanded ever since. It currently has a team of 27 teachers engaged in the effective learning of over 1,200 students.

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