These recruiters and  exhibitors have confirmed they will be taking part in the Spainwise (SOUTH) TEFL Jobs Fair on Saturday 12th May, 2018

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Zone A (Recruiters)

Spainwise Helpdesk

Stand: 01

St James Language Center

Stands: 02 & 03

Location: Mairena del Aljarafe (Seville)

The Cultural English Centre

Stand: 04

Location: Linares (Jaén)

Clover Irish Learning Center

Stand: 05

Location: Montequinto (Seville)

Inglés Divertido

Stand: 07

Location: Granada

The New Globe School of English CLIL Center

Stand: 08

Location: Córdoba City

Thames Valley Summer Schools

Stand: 9

Location: UK

Blue Door Language School

Stand: 10

Location: Córdoba City

Black & White Centre

Stand: 11

Location: Albacete

The School

Stand: 12

Location: Aranda de Duero

Willow Academy

Stand: 13

Location: Saucejo (Seville)

McGinty School of English

Stands: 14 & 15

Location: Almeria


Stand: 16

Location: Lucena & Montilla

The English Business

Stand: 17

Location: Seville City

Big Ben Centre

Stand: 18

Location: Albacete

Yes Idiomas

Stand: 19

Location: Huelva

CLC Idiomas

Stand: 20

Location: Córdoba City


Stands: 21 & 22

Location: Seville City

Kedaro International

Stand: 23

Location: Huelva

Amercian Land Academy

Stand: 24

Location: Bollullos de la Mitación (Seville)

Albany School of English

Stand: 25

Location: Cordoba City

Talking English

Stand: 26

Location: Ceuta

Koma Language Services

Stand: 27

Location: Basque Country

Centro de Idiomas Macarena

Stand: 28

Location: Seville

Zone B (Exhibitors)

Clic International House Seville

Stand: 29

Cambridge Assessment English

Stand: 30

Macmillan Education

Stand: 31

ACEIA (Association of Private Language Schools in Andalucía)

Stand: 32

Stanley Publishing

Stand: 33

Trinity College London

Stand: 34

ACEIAS (Association of Private Language Schools in Asturias)

Stand: 35

ACCEI (Association of Private Language Schools in Cantabria)

Stand: 36

ACICAM (Association of Private Language Schools in Castilla-La Mancha)

Stand: 37

ACLID (Association of Private Language Schools in Castilla y León)

Stand: 38

ACEIGA (Association of Private Language Schools in Galicia)

Stand: 39

ACEDIM (Association of Private Language Schools in Madrid)

Stand: 40

ACEIRMUR (Association of Private Language Schools in Murcia)

Stand: 41

ACIE (Association of Private Language Schools in the Basque Country)

Stand: 42

ACEICOVA (Association of Private Language Schools in Valencia)

Stand: 43


Stand: 44

TEFL Equity Advocates

Stand: 45

FECEI (National Federation of Private Language Schools in Spain)

Stand: 46