Andrew Hawthorne will be doing a workshop at the Spainwise TEFL Jobs Fair in Cordoba on Saturday 18th May. The title of the workshop is “Find the Right Job for YOU at Spainwise South 2019” and it is sponsored by ACEIA, the Association of Private Language Schools in Andalucía.

In Andrew’s presentation you will be able to hear the views of a number of teachers who have attended previous Spainwise Job Fairs. They will provide first-hand accounts of their experiences, as well as advice for job-seekers on how to get the most out of this year’s Spainwise TEFL Jobs Fair. There will be opportunities to ask questions about how best to approach the event, as well as information about life and work in Spain. What better way to start the day!

Andrew is an experienced teacher and teacher trainer based in Cordoba. He has given talks at national and regional events (including the ACEIA Conferences in Seville and the FECEI Congresses in Madrid) as well as Spainwise training events. He is also organiser of the annual Spring Congress organised by the National Federation of Private Language Schools in Spain.