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Karen Muckey

Karen Muckey hails from Michigan and has been living in Seville since 2003. She is the Director of The English Business, which as two centres, one in Seville and the other in Espartinas. Prior to teaching English, she was a Spanish teacher and has always enjoyed teaching languages and encouraging students to study abroad. Over the years, Karen has taught all ages and levels but she now specializes in very young learners and babies. Her youngest students are only 4-months old!  

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The English Business

The English Business has been offering language classes for more than twenty years in Seville. We provide classes to students of all ages but our main focus and passion is to make the acquisition of English as natural and spontaneous as possible for young learners. We believe that English should be and can be acquired at the earliest age possible hence our work teaching English to babies in several nurseries and kindergartens. The vast majority of our very young learners continue with us for many years, through adolescence and adulthood working toward passing official exams. A teacher working with The English Business should have the skills to teach a wide variety of ages and levels. We pride ourselves on the hard work and commitment of our dedicated staff, the close-knit bond amongst teachers and students and the possibility for new teachers to learn in a highly supportive environment. Come and talk to us! The English Business could be the school for you!