Independent Listening

Trinity's Integrated Skills in English exam involves an independent listening task designed to assess the candidates ability to deal with real-life listening to podcasts, classes or lectures.

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  • Trinity's Integrated Skills in English exam
  • The difference between interactive and independent listening
  • The special difficulties independent listening supposes for the listener
  • A range of activities that we can use to help learners
  • Helping learners to become better independent listeners


Robin Walker

Robin has worked in English Language Teaching since 1981. For over 20 years he taught at the Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Asturias, leaving in 2007 to found EnglishGlobalCommunication. He now works as a teacher educator, and ELT consultant, author and materials writer. He regularly collaborates with Trinity College, Oxford University Press, and MacMillan Education, and is the author of numerous articles on teaching English, and a handbook on English pronunciation.

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