Black & White Centre

The Black & White Centre presentation will include details on how the school works, the great support system we offer our teachers, what we expect from our teachers and will give you a chance to see a video of our school, teachers and city giving the lowdown of what it's like to live and work here. We look forward to seeing you!

Find out ...

  • Our teachers' testimonies
  • What our school is like
  • Our teaching methodology
  • In-house training and support
  • Great working environment
  • What we offer teachers


Jennifer Jolicoeur

Jennifer has been teaching English for over 25 years. She is specialised in teaching very young learners (from two year's old and upwards). Enthusiastic in her work, she passes this on to all staff members and gives great support and ideas to all teachers. Cambridge speaking examiner, expert on Trinity exams and trainer for the Spanish government school system exams.  

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Black & White Centre

Black & White Centre is a private language school which opened its doors in 1994. Based in the university city, Albacete, in south east Spain, we have two schools in the city. Albacete is not a tourist area which means learning Spanish is a must (free lessons are offered to our teachers) with the added advantage of learning about real Spain. We work in a friendly environment and have an organised and professional set up for all our teachers.